EIC Calculator

Earned Income Credit Calculator – EIC

An earned income credit calculator – EIC can help taxpayers to estimate the amount of money that the government will send to them on their next income tax refund check. The estimation calculators are free to use online and they do not ask for your name or social security number. Users can place their income amount into the program and receive an evaluation of what the IRS refund amount might be for their income level.

The IRS earned income credit money is offered to people who are not in the higher income brackets at tax time. This type of an income tax credit is fully refundable for the people who do not have any further IRS tax obligations. The amount of this refundable credit amount can vary from person to person depending upon your individual financial circumstances. It is easy to determine how much money you qualify for by using an online earned income credit calculator.

The 2011 – 2012 EIC calculator program will ask simple questions about your income, family size, and tax filing status. By using these pieces of information, the earned income credit (EIC) estimation calculator will quickly do the math and arrive at an estimated amount of money that you might receive on your next income tax refund check. The earned income credit calculator is a handy tool that should be used prior to deciding upon which IRS 1040 form to file at tax time.